Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Time to stop the torch

I applaud those who have been protesting China's human rights abuses in Tibet. For many many years now the chinese government have been getting away with severe human rights abuses in Tibet and indeed all over China. These abuses must stop and western leaders & Governments must considerably increase pressure on the vile Chinese regime.

Although I don't believe that the Olympics should ever have been awarded to China, I equally don't believe that boycotting the games will achieve the aim of improving civil liberties and human rights although a significant act of pressure would be for Gordon Brown and all leaders of the worlds democracies to boycott the opening ceremony.

The words of Tibet's Chinese backed Governor Qiangba Puncog chill my blood when I read them. He said that the authorities would "severely punish" anyone who tried to obstruct the passage of the torch through Tibet. In my opinion the relay should stop now and the IOC need to have the moral backbone to condemn China's behaviour and that of their team of thugs who are travelling with the torch.

Free Tibet!

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