Monday, 7 April 2008

A little help please

Catherine phones with the news that her telephone and Internet service provider Pipex has been taken over by Tiscali, which is very, very bad news as we shall now have to get rid of Pipex. Why? Because of the utterly appalling reputation which Tiscali has - my ex-colleague Michael had Tiscali on his PC in the office and barely a day went past without him berating them. Catherine also has had a number of people suggesting that they would not use them.

Bearing in mind that my new abode is in a rural location without cabling and that the max broadband we can get down the phone is 1.5mb, can anyone suggest a good ISP and telephone service provider who can also supply a WiFi link for my trusty laptop?

You input will be gratefully received. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hello Iain, please find the following result from the Human Ideas Generator

Given your location, you might find that any ISP is going to be intermittent. That being said, I'd recommend you speak to the phonecoop who have the great advantage of people in the UK you can speak to about problems (unlike tiscali).

I hope this helps. I think you'd just need a wifi router if you want to use it at home, which any ISP should be able to provide.

Iain Rubie Dale said...

Many thanks Joe.