Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Max Mosley's credibility gone

The refusal of a High Court Judge to black Max Mosley's attempts to block the release of a video of him with 5 prostitutes has left what remains of his credibility in tatters. Mosley, Son of the British Union of Fascists Leader Oswald Mosley, is currently the President of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), although there have been numerous calls for him to resign including from retired F1 ace Sir Jackie Stewart.

I have never cared for Mosley's style whilst F1 supremo but nor do I care for the News of the World as a "newspaper" and it's intrusive style. I also think that private lives should be that - private. Furthermore the fact that significant numbers of human beings sell their bodies for a living is a shame on our 21st century society.

Despite Mosley's lawsuit against the News of the World for "Breach of Privacy" I cannot see him remaining in his post as FIA President. Too many people have criticised him and he was asked by the Crown Prince not to attend last Sunday's Grand Prix which was held in his country of Bahrain.

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