Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Gorbals Mick in yet another expenses row

The Westminster Parliament's standards commissioner, John Lyon, yesterday launched an inquiry into the expense claims of Commons Speaker Michael Martin who is nicknamed Gorbals Mick.

It relates to expense claims of over £4000 by the Speaker's wife for taking taxis during shopping trips. The commissioner said in response to the complaint: "In essence the part of your complaint I have accepted is that Mrs Martin's expenditure on taxis may not have been in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Members of Parliament and its associated rules." He added: "I am inviting Mr Speaker to let me have his comments on your complaint. Once I receive his response, I shall consider how to proceed."

This adds fuel to the fire of a growing list of financial questions surrounding Speaker Martin and will undoubtedly see more voices raised calling for his resignation.

The financial troubles:
- £4000 claimed by his wife for taxis.
- £75 000 towards the running costs of his Glasgow home which is mortgage free.
- £700 000 spent on the Speaker's official residence in London since he took office.
- £992 000 spent on the Speaker's garden.

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