Wednesday, 16 April 2008

"Slasher" Swinney

So Finance Minister John Swinney reckons that he's found £600 million of savings in this years budget. Well has he? Not quite - around £400 million has still to be identified by Councils, Health Boards, Crown Office, Police, Universities and Colleges will all be attacked by "Slasher" Swinney.
Councils will have to find £174 million in savings and the NHS boards will have to save £154 million. Councils on the worst settlement will be hardest hit and lets hope the NHS savings/cuts come from bureaucracy rather than front line services. I don't know about you but take a Council Tax freeze and add £174 million in "savings", suddenly we have the Scottish Government cutting services to the people of Scotland.

Lib Dem Finance Spokesperson, Tavish Scott MSP, said:
"Health Boards, local Councils, Universities and colleges have just been given a target with no evidence or detail on how they will meet it."

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