Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The man is an arse - part 79

Three guesses as to which man is an arse in my opinion:
1. Gormless Gordon Broon? Nope.
2. Con man Cameron? Nope.
3. Fishy Eck Salmond? Nope.

I'll have to tell you then - drum roll - Donald "hairspray" Trump.

Not content with issuing an "open letter", which was filled with spite and malice, attacking my friend Councillor Debra Storr, over her justified complaints that his lackeys had blocked public access to the Menie sand dunes (I've seen the photos and boy was access blocked!), his latest bout of petulance is to lodge a complaint with the Standards Commission, the body which oversees Councillor conduct. It would appear that the complaint refers to the fact that Debra complained to Aberdeenshire Council's access officer and the Police that access had been blocked.

This bullying behaviour by Trump appears to be part of a campaign to browbeat Debra over her honestly held, genuine and substantial objections to his plans to build 2 golf courses, 500 houses and 950 holiday homes on the Menie estate. These plans will involve the destruction of a unique set of sand dunes which are a SSSI.

Oh, before I forget, Debra only found out about the "open letter" when she was contacted by the media.

Keep up the good work Debra, there are many, many of us who remain on your side!