Wednesday, 31 January 2007

I'm glad I forgot my bank card this morning

Looking in my wallet on the train this morning I was rather irked to realise that I'd left my bank card at home and that I'd only twenty quid on me. However this annoyance turned to relief at lunchtime. You see, I have a major weakness when it comes to silk ties - I just love a nice, tasteful but usually bright tie. Well one of my favourite outlets is TM Lewin, who have a shop close by my office in Glasgow. Walking to the bank to pay a bill I saw the dreaded words in their window "SALE NOW ON". Most ties reduced from £59 to £20 and the end of range ones down to £10!

Well yes, I did have enough dosh for lunch and ciggies and just enough for one tie which will be on display at our Scottish Lib Dem conference in a couple of weeks. The question is, will my resolution last if i bring my bank card with me tomorrow?

I've given in!

Well after months and months of hesitation and the fact that several of my friends have started blogging, I have joined the merry band. Don't how much I'll have to say or how often but hey ho and off we go.