Thursday, 10 April 2008

Gordon Brown looks ridiculous

Dear Gordon,

I must say that I find your position of not attending the Olympic opening ceremony in Beijing but not boycotting it either as unfathomable. Until yesterday we had all understood that you were going to attend the ceremony - that's certainly what the Downing Street spin suggested. Now you come out and say that you aren't going but it's not a boycott.

Perhaps it's time to show a bit of moral backbone here Gordon. Please come out and back the oppressed people of Tibet by saying that China needs to improve the situation there and you are not going to the opening ceremony as a protest. The British people believe that the situation in Tibet is wrong so why not take decisive action and show us a bit of leadership for once.
Yours in disgust,

Iain Rubie Dale

Free Tibet!
The BBC's Nick Robinson has more on this story.

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