Thursday, 3 April 2008

More Trump arrogance

It's been reported today that in an interview with 'Vanity Fair' magazine (how apt!) Donald Trump has said of his planning application for Menie estate in Aberdeenshire "between you an me, I'm going to get it." This is despite the application having been called in by the Scottish Government and a Public Inquiry taking place.

He added: "If Jack Nicklaus had tried to do this, he'd have zero chance, but they like what I have done, and because I am who I am and my mother is Scottish. Between you and me, I'm going to get it."

Councillor Martin Ford, who controversially lost his position as Convener of Aberdeenshire Council's infrastructure committee over the issue, said: It is immaterial in planning law where your mother was born or how wealthy you are or what your character is like. I find it very disturbing that Mr Trump is so confident on which way the decision will go even before the inquiry has even begun."

Patrick Harvie, the Green MSP for Glasgow Region commented: "I have complete confidence the inquiry will be open and fair. This is just a reflection of Trump's arrogance. I think the title Vanity Fair says it all."

Interestingly enough Jack Nicklaus has had planning approval for a golf course on the Ury Estate near Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire. It doesn't plan to build on a SSSI.

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