Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Speaker Martin makes arse of today's PMQs

Having just listened to PMQs in the House of Commons all I can say is that Gorbals Mick made a complete and total arse of things today. He is also showing considerable bias towards Labour.

Cock up one - refused to allow Vince Cable to refer to the queen in a question.

Cock up two - Then refused Vince a second question thus allowing Hattie Harman to evade answering.

Cock up three - Called a Labour MP who wasn't expecting to be called and hadn't a properly prepared question.

Cock up four - Decided that the MP he mistakenly called was taking to long to ask a question and shut him up!

The pillock should do the decent thing and resign now.


Bernard Salmon said...

It's a long-standing Commons tradition that the monarch isn't the subject of discussion in the chamber. It's an absurd rule, but unfortunately Martin was well within his rights to haul Vince up over it.
Agree about the rest, though.

Anonymous said...

Is it a rule, or just a tradition, or neither?

How on earth do they manage to discuss the civil list and whether or not Madge should pay tax I wonder?

Unknown said...

I guess what it boils down to is the same that they have in most countries e.g. France where the Republican form of government is not up for debate. I knew speaking about the Queen was frowned upon, didn't realise it would lost you a question however. I wonder if Martin has any men in grey suits to worry about?

Anonymous said...

Speaker or not, Lib Dems should run a candidate against Martin in next GE. The corrupted b**tard isn't above the parties, but clearly discriminates Lib Dems, so he shouldn't be treated like he was above the parties.