Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Councillor friend cleared by watchdog

My friend, Aberdeenshire Councillor Debra Storr has been cleared by Standards Commission of showing bias in her consideration of the proposed Trump "resort" for the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire. Debra said: "I am glad this has been cleared up. I try to provide my constituents with as much information as possible on what is happening and use every channel available to me."

Debra suggested that the Trump organisation was "closing down other businesses" after they attempted to stop access rights used by local fisherman Michael Forbes. The Council's legal chief had cleared Debra of any wrongdoing back in October last year.

The Trump organisation, in what some will see as bullying behaviour, claimed she may have breached the Councilor's Code of Conduct and threatened Debra with legal action after she published links to anti trump organisations on her personal website. Details of the Trump organisation's website were also published by Debra.

The Trump organisation should be billed for the costs of the investigation and Scottish authorities must stand up to aggressive and bullying tactics by organisations and businesses.

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