Thursday, 3 April 2008

Three more years of Worst SnotRail

Ah the Gnat Government, don't ya love 'em? NOT!
It's been announced that First Scotrail have had their franchise extended by another three years and without any prior consultation with anyone. It seems that First (sic) will be handing £70 million back to the "Government" as part of the stitch up, sorry, deal.

The STUC have been critical of the move saying that it was "hugely disappointing".

First Scotrail were fined £473 519 last year for failing to meet standards.

At least I'll not be commuting on a daily basis by rail when I move to Kinross-shire and for that relief much thanks.


Bob Howden said...

As a Season Ticket holder and daily user of Scotrail I think your criticism seems a bit harsh.

First Scotrail are a huge improvement on the last lot.

I feel quite positive about many of the improvements that are currently being progressed. Rather than giving money back I would like to see it used for other improvements, such as the purchase of more new rolling stock.

Unknown said...

From my point of view they are a darned sight better than the last lot - which is quite unfortunate, because most months under the previous lot, my husband got a substantial discount on his season ticket because they were so rubbish. I even heard that their timetables won the Booker Prize.

Sadly the improved service means we have to pay full whack.

Iain Rubie Dale said...

My daily commute isn't too bad, but then I take the train at 09.30. The real problems occur when I'm travelling around Scotland with work or visiting Perth at the weekends - the last 3 times I've been to Perth I've had to either come back on a Saturday or stay over until Monday morning due to service disruptions.It's getting to the stage that I dread travelling by train around Scotland.

It's not often I agree with the loopy left RMT Union but here's a quote from their General Secretary with which I do agree: "Prior to last year's election, our union challenged the SNP to confirm that it was still party policy to support a publicly owned railway and we were informed that it was. Now the Scottish public have been told without any consultation that we will continue with privatised passenger services until at least 2014. The SNP has been completely dishonest."

Iain Rubie Dale said...

Just checking to see if there are any delays prior to heading for Perth and find 12 delays or cancellations currently ongoing. Improvement?