Thursday, 24 April 2008

Good news!

Ha! The thieving gits that are our country's banks have deservedly had their arses kicked in court today. The BBC News Website has the full story.

This means that the OFT can tell the shower of bankers (yes, you can do the rhyming slang) to cut their charges and it also means that thousands of people ripped off by them have a chance of getting their dosh back. Of course the banks will appeal to the highest level possible rather than admit they were overcharging us.

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Anonymous said...

But not so good news is the story of how long it's taken to get this far. Thousands of people have reclaimed tens (possibly even hundreds) of millions of pounds which the banks have not dared to challenge in court.

The OFT's action in the medium term has resulted in freezing up all pending claims and it's a pretty good guess that the banks think that they can use the courts to delay this for many months, even years. Sadly, they are probably right.

So we have a situation where the courts, one of whose key functions is to defend the weak against the mighty and against injustice are, in practice, falling down on the job.

Is it time to start asking the lawyers some hard questions?