Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Hurrah! Zanu-PF lose majority in Zimbabwe's Parliament

The BBC new has just published news that the Zimbabwe Election Commission has announced that Zanu-PF have "won" 94 seats with the opposition parties winning 105 and 1 Independent being elected. There are 207 seats in total in the Parliament. The true scale of the Zanu-PF defeat may have been greater if there were no irregularities in the counting process.

Now all we need is the true results of the Presidential election to be declared although the way things are looking at the moment it seems to be heading for a run-off between Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDC.

The MDC themselves announced figures collated from information posted at polling stations which suggested that the presidential result was:
Tsvangirai 50.3%
Mugabe 43.7%
Makoni 7%

Hopefully Mugabe will do the decent thing and walk away after all he's plundered the resource of a country, which was once described as Africa's breadbasket, for 28 years now. Indeed it has gone from breadbasket to economic basket case.

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Alasdair W said...

It's incredible brilliant news. People have had to show a large majority of opposition in order to get round Mugabe's fraud. Let's hope their efforts aren't in vain. Mugabe could still hang onto power.