Sunday, 18 November 2007

Scottish Lib Dem Office Bearers 2008-2009

Further to my earlier post here are the full details of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Office Bearers who shall serve their term from the 1st January 2008 to 31st December 2009.

Leader: Nicol Stephen MSP (re-elected unopposed)

Deputy Leader: Michael Moore MP (re-elected unopposed)

President: Malcolm Bruce MP (re-elected unopposed)

Convener: Audrey Findlay (beat Helen Watt by 758 to 425)

Treasurer: Brian Logan (beat Patricia Carruthers (Catherine's Mum) by 633 to 533)

Vice Convener (Policy): Siobhan Mathers (elected unopposed)

Vice Convener (Campaigns & Candidates): Stephen Peters (elected unopposed)

Vice Convener (Conference): Iain Dale (beat Sheila Ritchie by 592 to 586)

I'm looking forward to serving my term of office and working with the other Office Bearers to improve the standing of the party in Scotland and to see our party become bigger, better and more radical.
many thanks to all who voted for me and sincere commiserations to Sheila Ritchie on losing by such a small margin. As I think Wellington said it was " a dammed close run thing".


Anonymous said...

Re: Wellington: He said [to Creevey] 'It has been a dammed nice thing - the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life". He continued: 'By God!, I don't think it would done if I had not been there!' [Longford pp. 489-90].
I wish you joy of your victory

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Iain Dale! Do the Scots Liberals realise they have a Tory defector in their midst?

Anonymous said...

Ian Dale should fit right in with the Lib Dems.