Friday, 30 November 2007

Ruby gave birth to a wee girl tonight

This post is being written through tears of joy.

Ruby had a wee girl tonight!!!

That's all I can tell you for the moment as that's all the information that I have for now.

When I stop crying I may be able to put some lucid thoughts together, but for the moment all I can do is congratulate Roobz and Nick on the birth of their Daughter. What's her name and what does she weigh? Are Mum and Daughter well and healthy? Is Dad still sober?

Suddenly, the world is a more beautiful place.

Councillor Ruby Kirkwood is the Lib Dem Group Leader on North Ayrshire Council and the youngest Lib Dem Group Leader in Scotland.

Still crying tears of joy


Unknown said...

Honest to goodness, you are a big softie:-)

Great news, though.

Love to Ruby and her wee girl.

youngdegsy said...

Delightful news - hopefully another Liberal Democrat in Ayrshire (as one who felt lonely in that position for a while).

Stephen Glenn said...

Iain, crying...what is the world coming to.

Passes a hankie box northwards and cigar and champers westwards.