Thursday, 29 November 2007

Farage is on Question Time - Boring, boring, boring

Well it's a case of him ranting, raving and being his usual blethering idiot. He's boring, wrong and totally irrelevant to Scotland. I'd rather watch the proverbial paint dry so off to bed with a good book. Night night.

P.S. Labour and Broon seem totally stuffed. Wonder what the bookies would offer for a GE on the 1st Thursday in June 2009? ( Next Euro Parl election day)

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Alarmingly, Farage was pressing some buttons with the audience but it was good to see Sarah Teather taking him on well.

As to a General Election in June 2008, no chance. Gordon's only option now is to cling on as long as he can. He blew it badly this autumn and all he can do now is hope that Cameron trips up.