Friday, 30 November 2007

Lib Dem Councillor assaulted over planning rejection

My friend and Conference Committee colleague Councillor Debra Storr (Ellon & Distric Ward of Aberdeenshire Council) was assaulted by an angry women who was indignant over Debra's vote against giving planning permission to American billionaire Donald Trump's plans to build a hotel, golf course and 1500 houses.

Here is Debra in her own words as recounted to the BBC:
"There was a knock on my door and a woman who was somewhat upset gave a stream of obscenities relating to the Trump application. "

"She stepped over the doorstep and pushed me. I think she was slightly surprised at what she had done. She left with the parting words 'I will get you'. "

"I was very upset, it's very disturbing. I was just doing what I thought was right. You do not expect as a councillor to be subjected to intimidation."

Speaking about the vote, and her hopes for a revised application: "There were so many problems with the application that it was clear it should be turned down. I hope the Trump Organisation comes back."

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