Friday, 9 November 2007

Leadership hustings in Edinburgh

Just a wee reminder that the only hustings which is being held in Scotland during the Leadership campaign is taking place in Edinburgh tomorrow (10th November).

The event is being held in The General Assembly Hall, Mound Place, Edinburgh.
It starts at 11am and will finish by 2pm at the latest.

I've decided not to go as I know that I'm voting for Chris Huhne and, probably more importantly, Catherine & I haven't set eyes on each other for over a fortnight!


Ryan said...

That's going to be one quick husting ;)

Anonymous said...

I think he means start at 11am!

Incidentally, does any one know if non-members can get in? i.e. can I bring the wife? May be it will inspire her to join!

Iain Rubie Dale said...

Thanks for pointing the error out. Now fixed and yes it starts at 11am.

Regarding non members - i really don't know. try calling HQ on 0131 337 2314 for an answer.