Monday, 12 November 2007

MoD try to call up 51 year old Lib Dem MSP

A very interesting story from yesterday's edition of Scotland on Sunday:

"His Country Still Needs Him"
For the full text go to:

A brief precis and some comments by me:
Before entering politics 51 year old Mike Rumbles MSP (West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine) was a Major in the Army Education Corps. He left the army 13 years ago. Recently the MoD sent him a letter asking him if he would agree to allow his being "called-up" for active service overseas. retired soldiers can be recalled up to the age of 55 in the event of a serious and major conflict. In this case it would be a voluntary call-up and Mike (known to some in the Scottish Lib Dems as "The Galloping Major") is not volunteering. Indeed Mike commented: "If it were in defence of the country then, of course, I would do my bit. But our troops should not be in Iraq in an illegal war." He added: "By the time they have reached me they are through the bottom of the barrel and scraping underneath."

Of course a couple of jingoistic Tory MPs had a bit of a pop at him for not agreeing to be called up to serve in an illegal war.

What state have the Government let our armed forces get into? An absolute stinking mess by all accounts. Not enough servicemen and women, unsuitable equipment - if there is any in the 1st place, low morale and shabby, shoddy living quarters. I don't agree with the war in Iraq either but when our Military are serving overseas and in war zones we must give them our backing and ensure that they have the required resources

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