Friday, 23 November 2007

All quiet on the Euro selection front

We in the Scottish Lib Dems are in the middle of the process to select our party list for the 2009 European elections. As an employee of the current MEP, who is retiring, I'm making no public pronouncements about who I'm supporting to replace her.

However I shall make one public comment on this election: Are you shy folks? There are 8 of you running for top of the list but only one of you has been in touch to ask for my 1st preference. Speaking to friends and relatives across Scotland I find that most of them have been only contacted by one candidate. It's an open contest so why so reticent?

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Unknown said...

I am equally neutral, as Convener of the Campaigns and Candidates Committee but I agree with what you say.

Although, interestingly, I suspect that the candidate who called Bob to ask for his support is not the same as the candidate who has called your relatives.