Thursday, 13 March 2008

Wee Eck "Cavalier" in attitude to Trump development

The Scottish Parliament's Local Government Committee has just published it's report on concerns over the Scottish Government's behaviour regarding Donald Trump's proposed $1 Billion golf development in Aberdeenshire.

Committee Convener, Duncan MacNeill MSP, suggested that: "The committee believes that, far from taking a precautionary approach, the first minister was cavalier in his actions and displayed, at best, exceptionally poor judgement and a worrying lack of awareness about the consequence of his actions"

The BBC reports that Several SNP committee members disagreed with a series of its conclusions. Quite frankly I would be astonished if any Gnats didn't back their heid honcho to the hilt as they seem to believe that shouting nothing is wrong loudly and often will make people believe that all was done properly. They are going to be sorely disappointed though. I'm sure there will be many more blog posts about Eck and Trump before all the alleged dirty linen has been aired.


Anonymous said...

Partisan nonsense aside, the report acknowledged that Ministers and officials had acted within the rules and within the law at all times - something which you seem oddly coy about recognising.

So... where's all the sleaze Nicol was claiming to be able to smell? And will any Lib Dems be big enough to apologise for trying to politicise the planning process for party advantage?

Iain Rubie Dale said...

Hmmm, a coment see through Gnat coloured spectacles. Whether Eck is eventually fully cleared or not (and there's a long road to travel before that's settled),the whole episode looks bad, sits ill and quite frankly damages our political process. Are you sure that all this Gnat hubris is not related to Nicol's continuing ability to be the only party leader in Holyrood to step up to the plate and effectively OPPOSE the Government? Which is actually the duty of an OPPOSITION party.

I'm sure you, like most of your Gnat pals, still think that wee Eck walks on water but, to joyfully mix metaphors, remember that there's a slippery stane at everyones step.

Anyway, I'm happy to discuss the context of Scottish Politics or the postings on my blog with anyone who choses not to hide behind the smokescreen of anonymity. Despite your reasonable effort at a witty user name/tag you fail to let us know who you really are.