Friday, 28 March 2008

Tommy The Trot's Tribulations (Part 967)

According to an "exclusive" in this morning's Daily Record it would seem that the "Flying Squad" are targeting Tommy Sheridan. I just hope this story is a bit more reliable than their load of cobblers about mince which was published earlier this week.

It would appear they took DNA samples when they searched his house last December and they are now off to Denmark to interview Katrine Trolle, a Danish former SSP member who claimed to have had sex with Sheridan in his marital bed. She claimed to have had sex with him on a number of occasions during the period 2000 - 2004. She also claimed to have visited Cupids, the Manchester swingers club, with Sheridan in November 2001. Ms Trolle returned home after the extensive publicity she received during Sheridan's defamation case, which he won, against the News of the World.

A Danish Police spokesperson said: "I can confirm that Scottish officers - after acceptance from Danish police authorities - carried out an investigation in Denmark."

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