Thursday, 20 March 2008

Servile Donohoe meekly follows party line

My local MP Daimler driving Brian Donohoe (Ayrshire Central) last night meekly followed the Government line and voted to continue closing Post Offices much to my discontent. Frankly I've never thought much of him as a Parliamentarian and he seems to me to be pretty 3rd rate. In contrast I have a much better opinion of my local MSP, Irene Oldfather, who is also Labour - don't get me wrong I wouldn't vote for her even if she lugged a barrow load of fivers up my path, but she is better than Brian "Coronation Street" Donohoe.

Anyway Brian's voting record pretty well says it all:
- voted against a transparent parliament.
- voted for a smoking ban (in England).
- voted in favour of compulsory ID cards.
- voted for foundation hospitals (in England).
- voted for student top-up fees (in England).
- voted for the Iraq war.
- voted against investigating the Iraq war.
- voted for replacing Trident.
All in all a good little piece of lobby fodder who if a whip asked him to jump, he would ask how high?

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