Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Overzealous plods confiscate the champers

Humble East Fife FC haven't won anything in sixty years or more, so were justified in breaking out the champagne at the end of Saturday's match in which they beat East Stirling 3-0 to become 3rd division champions.

Unfortunately PC Plod was of the opinion that the two dozen bottles of champers which the players and staff were celebrating with breached the Criminal law (Consolidation) act of 1995, which banned the consumption of alcohol ate football matches, except in certain designated areas.

It seems that officers threatened to arrest a club direct when the bottles were removed to the dressing room.

Club Director Jim Stevenson said that little alcohol was being drunk as "most people were wearing it." East Fife fan Eugene Clarke added that the Police behaviour was "ludicrously authoritarian."

A spokesperson from central Police came out with some mealy-mouthed platitudes which I quite frankly can't be arsed to repeat.

Police state or what?

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