Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Scottish Government should not endorse Chinese violence

Scottish Government Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop is due to visit China later this month to foster better links with the Chinese Minister for Education.

Lib Dem MSP Tavish Scott has correctly called for her to cancel the visit due to the atrocities being visited upon the Tibetan populace by the Chinese oppressors.

Tavish said: "I have written to the Education Secretary appealing to her to abandon her visit until the crisis is satisfactorily resolved."

"It cannot be right for the International Community to go on as if nothing is happening and we cannot turn a blind eye while pro-democracy campaigners are being brutally attacked by Government forces."

He added: Now is the time for every supporter of democracy to send a clear message to the Government of China that this violence must stop and China must respect the rights of the people of Tibet to self determination."

Hear, hear Tavish very well said especially in light of the craven doublespeak of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao who has blamed the Dali Lama and his followers for the violence. He also accused them of robbery arson and violence. In contrast the Dali Lama has called on Tibetans to refrain from violence and to protest peacefully.

China's foul abuse of human rights in occupied Tibet and in mainland China should have prevented the Olympic games from being awarded to them. The Olympic Movement have been spineless in their attitude to China.

Most people, self included, have not yet called for a boycott of this year's Olympic games but those voices will start being heard, with increasing authority, if China is allowed to further their genocidal behaviour.

The Chinese authorities have claimed that 13 people have lost their lives in the demonstrations but international observers reckon the toll in around 80 and counting.

Information on the Free Tibet campaign

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