Thursday, 20 March 2008

Salmond to face grilling by all MSPs on Trump

Gnat 1st Miniature Eck "two jobs" Salmond is set to be questioned by all MSPs over his involvement in the Trump planning application for a golf course hotel and hundreds of houses on the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire. Of course the Gnats MSPs will be their usual supine lick-spittle selves and try to do everything in their power to give their boss an easy ride.

The debate is being called as the parliament's Local Government Committee voted 5-3 for a debate in Parliament with the three Gnats on the committee trying to stifle debate.

There are six key points in the report:
1. Trump tried to influence Salmond by sending him newspaper cuttings suggesting that the project may be moved to Northern Ireland.
2. trump phoned Salmond personally before the application was called in.
3. Despite his insistence that he was acting as a Constituency MSP, the 1st minister's office was closely involved in the process surrounding the Trump proposals.
4. mandarins were worried that wee Eck would meet Trump when he went on his jolly to New York.
5. Former worst minister, new labour's soon to ermine clad Jack McConnell, was keen to have his then administration involved with what he deemed as a "good news story".
6. Eck's staffers have had worries about the legitimate opposition to the plans and the fact that he seemed to be ignoring their concerns.

More to follow on this one.
Gnat MSP Kenny Gibson suggests that "most people are bored rigid with this affair". As usual Gibson's talking through his arse and even if that were true it is no justification for the Gnats puerile attempts at stifling debate on the issue.

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