Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Farewell to the Caley Ale House

After the Scottish Lib Dem Executive meeting on Saturday a gang of us went across to our usual post meeting watering hole the Caledonian Ale House to say farewell to a fine pub. The Caley as it's universally know is being demolished to make way for a major intersection of Edinburgh's new tram system and the pub closed for good on Sunday. I heartily approve of the tram system but am much saddened by the loss of the Caley especially as the other two pubs close to HQ aren't just up to the same standard.

I hope that all the efficient and friendly staff find suitable alternative employment and I thank them for their service over the last 5 and a bit years that I've been visiting their establishment.


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The Management said...

The Management were there to say goodbye on Saturday too (some of us also visiting on Sunday). It will be missed dreadfully. We are advocates of the trams but feel it is a disgrace that the building was not relocated further up and therefore providing the Haymarket area with a good watering hole. Ryrie's and Haymarket are terrible by comparison.

It is no surprise, especially given the recent budget, that the local MP was not willing to stand up in defence of the pub.