Thursday, 20 March 2008

Formula 1 on the BBC

I wonder how many million license fees have been squandered on this nonsense then?
Lets get it straight - formula 1 is not now, never has been and never will be a sport. calling this environmental madness a sport is akin to calling bear baiting harmless fun.

You'll guess that I don't approve then and you'll guess quite correctly. The environmental impact of this exercise in boys playing with their toys is enormous, mind you the BBC don't seem to give a toss about the environment themselves. Which faceless BBC mandarin decided to splurge untold millions of OUR money on this bollocks then? They are so afraid of the public response that they have not even disclosed how much dosh they are pissing against the wall.

This malarkey should be banned on environmental grounds.


Tristan said...

You are being an idiot.

Of course F1 is a sport - its a motor sport.

Just because you don't like it it doesn't follow that nobody else does.

And as for banning it - that's stupid pointless and illiberal. Everything we do is bad for the environment, human existence is.

If you want to include costs of environmental damage in the price of things, fine, do that. In fact, that's the beginnings of party policy - its sensible. Let people decide for themselves. There is no comparison with bear bating, that's just crass. In one, you force animals to fight, in the other some people race round a track in cars. Yes emitting some CO2 and other pollutants, but not directly harming anyone.

As for the BBC spending our money on buying the rights - I agree, its stupid.The BBC should be privatised and we should have the opportunity to pay to watch what we want. If F1 is popular then people will pay to watch it. If not, well people won't pay.
I'm sure you're a good 'liberal' though and support stealing money from us to make TV which we don't want to watch, so long as its what you want to watch.

Iain Rubie Dale said...

Starting your post the way that you did is never going to win you many friend. Aren't you the guy who doen't believe in FairTrade?

doctorvee said...

What about the millions of lives that have been saved thanks to improvements in safety technology and fuel efficiency that have been developed in motor sports? You certainly won't make road cars more environmentally friendly by banning the testing ground for technological developments in motor cars.