Wednesday, 12 March 2008

It's in the bag

Well Chancer, sorry Chancellor, Darling was wishy washy about bringing in a ban on plastic bags so it's good that Mike Pringle Lib Dem MSP for Edinburgh South has agreed to reintroduce his bill which would ensure that in Scotland if you wanted a plastic carrier bag then you would be charged 10p. The idea being that we should all go back to carrying a shopping bag with us.

Personally I believe that a charge of 10p is not enough but before increasing it I would ensure that the Scottish Government delivers a free recycled shopping bag to every household in the country.

before you ask, I do practise what I preach and have quite a collection of shopping bags - they are a great way to get a message spread!

At our recent Scottish Lib Dem conference we had a stand in the exhibition selling bags. This company is called Go Green Bags. Their website is at and I would encourage you all to pay them a visit.

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