Sunday, 9 November 2008

Blogging blip due to hospitalisation

This post is being typed up by my charming assistant who married me less than 14 days ago and ALREADY I'm in hospital.

Seriously though - the medics are concerned that I may have a pulmonary embolisim and are keeping me in overnight for observation before tomorrow's tests.

Back soon I hope.

The wife types - he should have worn his socks!!!


Unknown said...

Bloody hell. Lots of good wishes coming your way. Catherine, you must be very worried - lots of love to you too.

Iain, you will be fine, I'm sure, and they will look after you well in PRI.

timesnewroman said...

Many congratulations Iain on the wedding that is, I hope your health is good. I was just thinking the other say there that I hadn't seen you on the train for a long while. And yes its true 0.015% of Irvine's population are card carrying Nazi's. Let's hope Santa bring them a little something extra this year, possibly a Kristallnacht!

Norman C said...

Legal challenged launched against Mandelson.

As their release says: ‘Lord Mandelson, in our view, is acting unlawfully.’

PS Get well soon