Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Health update & a pop at Ryanair

I realise that I've not posted here for a tad over a month, so thought that I'd better update my health status - the hospitalisation ended up being only for two days (1 overnight) and I was cleared of having a DVT or PE or meningitis, which is the good stuff. The less so good news is that the headache which I've now had for 5 weeks continues, varying from a dull throb (when fully medicated) to what I would liken to wearing a skull cap of molten metal. At times it affects my ability to read and, especially, look at emails. I'm still hors d'combat and won't be blogging until I'm back to work. I also await further medical intervention, although the current consensus is that it's most likely to be a viral infection caused by mosquito bites in Barbados.

Before signing off, I must share this letter from today's Guardian:
" A spokesperson for Ryanair on Radio 4 complained they had to cancel 52 flights and "very little information was available". Now he knows how it feels."
(Runway protests, December 9th)
Dave Garner
Southport, Merseyside

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