Friday, 7 November 2008

Ouch! That was bloody painful.

Beaten into 4th by the Tories.
Bloody worrying.

Labour's 6000+ majority must cause serious concern for the Gnats.

I suspect that Mr Roy will actually be a good constituency MP.

Sqeeezed badly and a lost deposit with a drop in our vote of around 10%.
A bad, bad night and we must very soon address the issues which surround our party.

Is it time to remove all co-operation with the Gnats in Local Government?


Hywel said...

Appreciate it was a late night post but I don't see how we could sensibly claim to be a party of local devolution if we dictated at a national level which parties we were to work with at a local level

Anonymous said...

>Is it time to remove all co-operation with the Gnats in Local Government?

That's an odd one. What's the thinking there?

Iain Rubie Dale said...

Other than my natural antipathy towards the Gnats I'm sure that there was a dammned fine reason for it at the time but, like the idea of genius you have when you wake during the night, it vanished by the morning.

I will make two points of concern:
1. The folk in Glenrothes aren't daft and will know that we are in coalition with the SNP in Fife, thus tarring us with the same brush over controversial charges.
2. I think that too many local government coalitions across Scotland are Lib Dem/SNP or vice versa and am not sure that it's too healthy. Hywel certainly made a good point in his comment.

Anonymous said...

>genius vanishing overnight

Yes, been there often enough!

Did many of those who had previously voted LD not vote for them this time mainly or exclusively because of their presence council coalitions with the SNP(in Fife or elsewhere)? I doubt it, not least because most of them switched to the SNP for the byelection at least.