Wednesday, 5 November 2008

An unconsidered downside of rustic life

Mutterings, mumblings and sotto voce cursing.
Tonight's one of my two favourite celebrations in the year, being Guy Fawkes night when I normally have fun with fireworks. The other night which I particularly enjoy is Halloween with all it's ghosties, ghoulies (note correct spelling) and hints of Samhain (note potential spelling disagreements).

Sadly there's been a marital bull issued against my pyrotechnic proclivities due to the assorted coos, horses and sheeps in the vicinity - can't scare the livestock says she. OK, says me, fair enough. Can we have some over at your Mum & Dad's says I hopefully? Nope - too many overhead wires. Bah!

Cunning plan for next year is to buy fireworks that are only pretty colours and don't make nasty bangs. Sorted!


Jennie Rigg said...

Or come visit the home of Guy Fawkes, Yorkshire, and have fireworks with us :D

Unknown said...

There's bound to be tons of organised displays over the weekend - or maybe you should arrange to go to Lea and Brendan.

I'm with Catherine - remember how I used to go inside for the fireworks at our parties......