Thursday, 18 October 2007

A Victor Meldrew moment

Victor's catchphrase "I don't believe it!" issued from my mouth a wee while ago. I was popping outside for a ciggie and offered to take the rubbish down for collection. My colleague informed me that we are only allowed to do so at 09.30 hrs each day. It seems that the Fuhrer Bunker A.K.A Labour run Glasgow City Chambers have issued an edict that there is only one time slot each day for businesses to take the rubbish out. It used to be we could drop our sacks by the kerb at any time during business hours and there would be a regular collection service. It also seems that the next door office were fined for this misdemeanour. Wonder if the builders who have a whacking great skip full of junk outside the front door will get pulled up for it? Ridiculous!

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