Friday, 12 October 2007

Kelvin MacKenzie's like the barber's cat - full of piss & wind

I'm absolutely outraged at Kelvin MacKenzie's anti-Scottish diatribe on question time last night and feel the BBC should issue a public apology for his nonsense.

He claimed: "Scotland believes not in entrepreneurialism like London and the South east."

Adding: "The reality is that the Scots enjoy spending it, they don't enjoy creating it which is the opposite of down south."

What a stupid buffoon! He's obviously never heard of Ann Gloag, Tom Farmer, David Murray, Tom Hunter or even Andrew Carnegie. never mind the thousands of other Scots involved in running successful businesses. Perhaps he should check his facts before spouting a load of ignorant balderdash.


Paul Walter said...

I have to agree Iain. He is ignorant and just shouts his mouth off. What a numtpy!

Tristan said...

Unfortunately for many down in London it does look like Scotland today is very socialist and based around a large state and little entrepreneurship.

The mess that is the Barnett formula doesn't help that perception.

I do not see why the BBC should apologise for anything anyone says on something like Question Time though. Only Kelvin MacKenzie can apologise. Its not a view expressed by the BBC or sanctioned by them.