Thursday, 18 October 2007

See you in Austria & Switzerland (unless you're English)

Just what we Scots love - backs against the wall and having to win against all the odds! I believe firmly that we will hammer, thrash and monster Italy 1-0 at Hampden next month and qualify for next year's Euro tourney. We have a national characteristic that likes making things difficult for ourselves which is why I was not in the least surprised that we lost to Georgia last night. what did surprise me was the feckless way our lads went about it. How many shots on goal??????

At least we have our fate in our own hands, well at our own feet to be precise. I would hate to be in the situation which England fans find themselves whereby their fate depends on other results. I wonder how long Steve McClaren will last if they don't qualify, especially as the boss of the FA has been on giving him his backing already today.

Message to the SFA - get rid of those horrendous claret shirts NOW!



It will certainly be a pleasure to see Scotland go to the tournament next year to participate in the first round before bidding Austria and Switzerland a fornd farewell.

Iain Rubie Dale said...

As suggested on 5 live last night,if none of the home nations make it through we could re-instate the Home Internationals as a one off.