Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Jings! SFA make another correct decision

I'm not normally much impressed by the blazers who run the Scottish Football Association but much to my surprise they have today made their second correct call in as many weeks.

Last week they announced that the Rangers and Celtic matches scheduled a few days before the all or nothing qualifier with Italy had been postponed. first time I can recall them so doing and, in the circumstances, an excellent plan.

Today they announced that they are still opposed to a UK team participating in the 2012 Olympic games. This is also a correct call. Why? Well, quite simply a UK team would put us on the slippery slope to UEFA & FIFA saying that there should only be one UK team in the World Cup and European Championships. This would mean the loss of places for Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland & England. I'm quite sure that fans of the four nations involved would not back a British team to the exclusion of there home nations and, quite frankly, this sort of thing gives the Scottish & Welsh Gnats another stick with which to beat the union.


Anonymous said...

None of that gets away from the fact that in the Olympics we compete as Team GB (I have to admit I don't know where Northern Ireland stands in all this).

A simple solution would be for Britain to have a 3/4 nations tournament to establish which nation gets to represent GB in the Olympics.

Stephen Glenn said...

Just give it to the current holders of the Home International Championship Trophy.

Oh that would be Northern Ireland then. :-)