Thursday, 18 October 2007

Celebrating two years together

Two years ago today I escorted a group of Scottish Lib Dems on a trip to visit the European Parliament in Brussels. I remember Elspeth (my employer) seeing who were all going to be in the group and saying words to the effect of "Quick, pass me the liver salts"

Catherine and I had been getting on well for some time and spent a lot of time pounding the streets together during the Livingston by-election. That was when I convinced her to come along on the Brussels visit.

Anyway the visit went well and we all went out for dinner with Elspeth and my Brussels based colleagues then onto the Grande place for some more drinkies. When the Le'Roi D'Espagne slung us out at 01.30hrs I tracked down our friends John, Neil & Ella who were ensconsed in a little bar just off the Grande Place called L'Homo Erectus Classiscus, where we drank until the back of 5 in the morning and where Catherine and I got together.

It's been a good two years, despite the odd row and misunderstanding, I'm very much in love and hoping for many, many more years together. So, my toast to is Catherine and the joy she brings me - the Champagne is in the fridge for tomorrow night.

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