Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hen mania reaches Carnbo!

After some weeks of thought and discussion we took the plunge today and went and paid for a hen coop and run (see photo), which will be delivered next week. It comes as self assembly so I'm rather glad that C. has better DIY skills than me. Were it left to my talents we'd probably end up with some form of dodgy looking bookshelf not a hen coop. All of which reminds me of a (bad)joke from Thatcherite days: "what do Cecil Parkinson and MFI have in common? One bad screw and your cabinet is F****d!"

The week after next we will then take delivery of 4 Black Rock chooks which, all being well, will be supplying us with 18-24 eggs a week. Really excited!
I also suspect that there will be other additions to the household in future a doggly has been discussed for some months and C. has desires for slug eating ducks or a goose, although they will have to wait until the garden is properly fenced off at front and back.

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