Friday, 6 March 2009

Councillor Debra Storr

My good friend Councillor Debra Storr has today taken the decision to resign from the Scottish Liberal Democrats after many months of strife. I wish Debra all the very best for the future and can assure her of my continuing friendship.

For Facebook users there is a group entitled "Solidarity with Debra" which is open to all.

I had better stop this post now before I say something which certain elements within the party disagree with and I find myself suspended from membership.


Debra Storr said...

Thank you, dear friend.

Liberal for Life said...

All I will comment on in this particular situation is - Opinions are like A***H***S (ie backsides), everyone has got one!

And before anyone jumps to their next conclusion and blogs endlessly about it, lets try and balance things up for once by hearing the "other side of the story".

Will you do that for me?

Iain Rubie Dale said...

Liberal for Life aka Galen Milne, member of the Scottish Lib Dem Executive committee.

As my good friend Jennie says in her blog header "Opinions are not like aresholes - I only have one arsehole", so please stop trolling around blogs which support the Aberdeenshire 4 with your trite nonsense.

I shall continue to blog about the injustice meted out to these 4 individuals and understand that the issue will be raised at the next meeting of the Federal Executive. I note that on other blogs that there has been no rebuttal of Bernard's history of the illiberal and undemocratic witchunt being perpetrated by certain sections of the party, nor of Councillor Paul Johnston's comments.

If you wish to comment on this blog in the future I would ask that you do so under your real name. I'm always suspicious of the motivations of those who use a psuedonym.