Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Getting really hacked off with our internet provider

Pipex or whoever they are owned by nowadays (I suspect Tiscali) are really doing my head in at the moment. I'm an night owl and use the interwebby thing more later in the day than in the morning or early afternoon. It does not matter what time of day when I fire up the laptop but around midnight I get the internet explorer saying "sorry we cannot connect you to this page". Now I'm perfectly aware that we have our phone line and "narrow band" via BT and, that living 4+ miles from the local town we don't have undergrounded cables, so have to take some considerations in to account. What I cannot live with is that in the last 40 minutes I have been kicked off the interwebby 5 BLOODY TIMES!

Oh, and before I forget we can't get digital channels on our new £500 quid all singing, all dancing Sony HDTV. Pah!

Which reminds me that the Broon and NuLab have been wittering for the last couple of years about "Digital Britain". That's a load of bollocks which I shall believe when I see a cable being run down the village street. About as likely as a squadron of pigs flying past a blue moon.

P.S If you can't see this post it's because Pipex/BT have shut me down again.


Duncan Borrowman said...

Oddly I am very happy with Tiscali (I wasn't previously with Pipex). I have had one problem in my time with them, biggest issue was finding soemone who understood it in a call centre...
Conversely my father in law was with Pipex (on my recommendation at the time) but ditched them, first for Waitrose, then for BT as they were rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is Neil Craig that was trying to shut you down. Censorious old you!

Debra Storr said...

I ditched Pipex recently --- but it's hard to know which flea to flee to.