Wednesday, 27 February 2008

What a shower of wimps

As is my norm in the morning I tune my radio to Radio England, sorry I meant Five Live, only to hear Nicky Campbell ( Scottish by birth but gone native presenter of the breakfast programme) wittering on about the great English earthquake. Little damage and almost no-one injured!

If Scotland had an earthquake where hundreds died and millions of pounds of damage had happened the news would barely register on the English Broadcasting Corporation's radar. OK, perhaps that's a tad OTT, but the basic principle is sound. Parts of the BBC are becoming the EBC. Five Live and News 24 are just two examples I can cite. This simply gives ammunition to the Gnats and is inherently weakening the Union.

C'mon Auntie, you can do better than this.

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Jo Christie-Smith said...

Actualy I heard it had been felt as far north as Aderdeen; and on the TV news they were definitely referring to it as a 'very British earthquake'.