Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Off to Aviemore for Scottish Conference

The Scottish Liberal Democrats meet in Aviemore, which is in Danny Alexander's constituency, on Friday for our 3 day spring conference and muggins is Convener* of Conference Committee and thus he who takes it in the neck if anything goes wrong. I'm just a tad nervous that all goes well and that the 600-700 people who are attending, a record turn-out for the record, have a fine old time. If truth be told Suzette our Conference and Events Manager does all the really hard work and I get to swan around with my walkie talkie making sure everything is hunky dory and glad handing folks.

My diary is pretty well packed with stuff I've got to do and, although my trusty laptop travels with me, I suspect that it's highly unlikely that I'll have a chance to blog though I'm sure that I'll bore you all to death with it once the dust has settled. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

* Scottish spelling of the word.

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