Friday, 8 February 2008

Wendy still living in never never land

In Scots law we have a verdict called "Not Proven" which sits as an alternative to the usual Guilty or Not Guilty. Many people suggest that it simply means "We know that you did it but can't prove it".

It could be argued that the Electoral Commission's decision that she is not to be reported to the Police over an illeagal donation (given by a resident of Jersey who is therefore non UK domiciled) to her Scottish Labour leadership campaign, in effect amounts to just that - Not Proven.

I'm not going to go into the full ins and outs of this sorry saga for Ms Alexander as they have been exhaustively covered in the media. I am, however, going to suggest that she should with quiet dignity resign as Leader of the Labour Party in Scotland. She is now forever tarnished in the eyes of the voters and is an easy mark for Gnat heid honcho Eck Salmond. Indeed she is a distraction to the more important business of being an opposition to the Gnats in Holyrood.

Quite frankly Labour have been an absolute disaster since last years's Scottish Parliament elections. With just 1 MSP fewer than the Gnats they should have been all over that shower, instead they are all over the place. The Tories are in bed with Gnats and the Greens a squeaky wee voice. It's therefore left to us in the Scottish Lib Dems to provide the only true voice of opposition and, led by Nicol Stephen, we are doing a damn fine job of it. Just a pity that the media with their institutional bias - honourable exception for BBC Scotland's Political Editor Brian Taylor & his blog in particular - by the majority of the Scottish media.

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