Wednesday, 27 February 2008

What a Gnat plonker

Gnat list MSP for Mid Scotland & Fife Christopher Harvie hadn't made it onto the radar before now. He has successfully attracted the attention of the media with his comments about Lockerbie and the dress sense of Scottish teenagers. I'll simply let the pillock speak for himself:

"On getting to Lockerbie, I discovered that the place is a dump - it was Tescotown. It should really have a certain attraction of a rather sombre kind as a place where something terrible happened; there are, after all, places on the western front and that sort of thing that have such an attraction for families who have lost people there."

"There are some attractive Victorian buildings, but roughly two thirds of the shops in the main street are derelict, and there were lots of kids hanging around the place smoking, drinking and so on. It was not in the least attractive.

There is also the issue of Scottish youth, and I am afraid that I have to describe it in the following way. Travelling back and forth on the bus from Galashiels, the local kids get on and put their feet, with big muddy trainers, right up on the seats opposite."

"The kids are a problem, and those are the people that the industry needs as its staff. It is a problem that one encounters almost nowhere else in Europe. "

"It must also be said that the most immense fortune that has been made in Scotland in the past few years - that of [Sports Division founder] Tom Hunter - has arisen from selling people what must be the ugliest clothes worn by anyone on the entire continent. "

"Bavarian kids rarely wear anything other than knickerbockers or something like that, but here that is replaced by universal sports goods, barely concealing the fact that Scotland is perhaps the least healthy nation in western Europe. We have a lot of problems there. Our remit . . ."

I wonder if he's been taking his medication?

Gnat Minister Mike Russell said that the remarks were "over the top" but then, incredibly, said that calls for an apology were a knee jerk reaction. The poltroon Harvie has now apologised.

P.S. The high fashion comments come from someone who regularly wears Plus Fours around the Parliament.

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Stephen Glenn said...

G.N.A.T. could stand for Government with Nationalist Aspearations with Timidity in light of the Independence Lite approach they've been pedalling in recent years.