Tuesday, 26 February 2008

First Scotrail passenger rip-offs worsen!

Bloody First Scotrail! back in December I emailed them to complain that it was 75p more expensive to buy a through return ticket from Irvine to Edinburgh than it was to buy a return from Irvine to Glasgow and one from Glasgow to Edinburgh. They eventually responded saying that "our Research and Pricing Manager is aware that there are anomalies in the system, such as these fare anomalies, which we have inherited. we are working to remove these, however this process takes time." So they admit they are aware of the anomaly.

Today I forgot and bought a through return from Irvine to Edinburgh for tonight's Conference Committee meeting. I thought £17.20 seems quite a lot. Then I worked out that if I had made the journey using the two returns as detailed above that it would have cost me £16.15. Those chiseling gits have ripped me off for another 30p. This is quite simply an outrage as they are aware of the problem but rather than fix it they make it worse.

So First Scotrail, what lies are you going to tell me this time?

Just for information: of the 27 posts I've put onto this blog in 2008 5 (almost 20%) have been complaints about the railways.

UPDATE: I've now discovered that they charge £2.05 more for a standard open return from Irvine to Aviemore than they do if I were to buy returns from Irvine to glagow and from Glasgow to Aviemore. Another swindle.

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Anonymous said...

I can understand you plight, I work with the company and find their Manager's all guilty of the same thing.
Everyone at the depot has sussed out Bobby Loch and cannot stant his compulsive lies! When you consider his manager also believes them it's hardly surprising that this sort of action is not only condoned but filters through the rest of the company.

To think they have 5 values to which one of them is "Integrity" what an absolute joke.

If anyone has any other queries regarding FSR; I will endeavour to help.

The Big Slipper