Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Tommy The Trot update

It seems that Gail Sheridan and her Father have now also been charged with perjury, bringing the total to six persons who face the beak over their 2006 libel trial evidence.

Whilst having no sympathy or empathy with Tommy and his chums, I do wonder why no Police inquiry has been launched regarding the testimony of his former colleagues from the SSP as the Police seem to be saying that everything that he and his witnesses said was untrue.

It'll all come out in the wash.

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Anonymous said...


I think the investigation has looked at both sides. The enquiry was initiated following Lord Turnbull's report to the Crown Office calling for investigation. At that point what was apparent was that someone was lying - given the directly contradictory recollections of the SSP executive committee meeting. My understanding is that the police would have looked at the evidence (and certainly Leckie and Kane called on matters to be investigated but have never said whether or not they were questioned by police). Initially the police had a jury view, and also a minute that some alleged had been fabricated. To begin the enquiry they must have considered this and the content of the meeting which would have involved investigation of the SSP witnesses. That police have ended up pursuing Sheridan and the Solidarity members suggests that the police are satisfied that that minute is genuine. That arrests were made at least fifteen months after the investigation started suggests that police have thoroughly examined both sides of the case (as instructed to by the judge at the proof). It is in the public domain that the police have spoken to people from the clubs alleged to have been visited - and this was some months prior to the arrests. Again, this suggests the accuracy of the original stories has been tested to pursue the enquiry.

I would not be surprised if one or more of the News of the World witnesses was arrested. But given those arrested - and the fact that 4 plus Sheridan gave evidence dircetly related to the SSP executive committee meeting - I think the police are satisfied that the other SSP executive members were telling the truth. Although whether a jury would be satisfied is a different matter.

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