Friday, 16 May 2008

Quiet weekend beckons - NOT!

Well it's finally here - moving weekend. Please wish us luck as Catherine, Penny, a van and I transfer my worldly goods from Irvine to Kinross-shire. Now I've just got to remember to tell the gas suppliers, electricity suppliers, Council Tax folks, insurers, bank, Post Office etc. But they all require a different form to be completed.

In some ways I'm very lucky as the bulk of the stuff that is going are my collection of wargames miniatures, books (circa 1200), DVD's, CD's, cooking gubbins and only three or four items of furniture.

The house in Irvine is where I was born and my family have been the only occupants since it was constructed 51 years ago so there is going to be some amount of emotional wrench involved. However there is a huge upside in that Catherine and I get to be together on a full time basis, I'll be living in an attractive rural location, my daily commute from Irvine to Glasgow ceases and becomes a once or twice a week trip from the village to Perth and then to Glasgow (working from home the rest of the time), I'll have my own office/study/wargames room when the large basement is converted and I'll have the opportunity of getting fit by cycling an 8 mile round trip to get my morning paper.

So, farewell to Ayrshire but I'll always be a proud Ayrshireman.

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