Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Ne'er cast a cloot til mey's* oot

In other words don't start removing layers of clothing until the mey plant is in bloom. Well the west of Scotland is rather chock full of people ignoring the advice of the old Scottish proverb including in Glasgow's George Square, over which my office window looks - it's absolutely packed with people soaking up the sun and, I dare say unwittingly exposing themselves to increased chances of melanomas. It's being so cheerful that keeps me going. If the truth were to be told it's simply jealousy on my part as I can't go home and get into my shorts and soak up some of the glorious weather myself, instead I must take the train to Edinburgh and visit the party accountants to prove that I'm not an international money launderer or an English Tory blogger!
After that it's Office Bearer's for, at least, a couple of hours and home for just before 10pm, at the earliest. Grumble, gripe and groan.

* If you pardon the pun, I may have the spelling wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Well the may is in flower down here, so you have my permission to strip off.

Actually lots of people wrongly believe that the proverb refers to the month of May, and that they have to stay in their winter vests until June 1st.